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Below are a number of interesting web pages that relate to Riding The Rails.

Riding the Rails: Teenagers on the Move During the Great Depression -- the companion book to the documentary. Author's web site with ten personal stories of the boxcar boys and girls.

The American Experience Website

Sundance Film Festival - screening information, film listings, reviews... the official web site of the festival.

Fran's Hobo Page  The "Hobo Grapevine" Information about current hobo gatherings, meetings, music.

National Hobo Convention   National hobo convention held annually in Britt, Iowa.

USA by Rail  The international rail travel site

Trainweb  The Internet's premier railroad and railfan site.

Film Scouts - a web site dedicated to covering various film festivals including Sundance..

Image of hobos on a train bed
Riding the Rails Title Graphic

Hobos' on riding between the trains.




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